Review: Harmondale – Spirit of 73

Harmondale Spirit of 73

I’m a little tentative reviewing this album, because I want to describe it in superlatives that will border on cliché for some people. So having said that, let me now say Laura Harmondale has an absolutely golden voice, clear and pure, but a little worn too, occasionally heartbreaking. It’s timeless music, could be a forgotten gem from the golden age of AM radio. Spirit of 73 is actual country, the lyrics have that immediacy and connection that you only get from someone who really understands idiom of country; why people wrote this music in the first place and why it still matters today. I’ve also got to remark on the quality of the musicianship on this album, especially Gar Robertson doing duty as the man who apparently can play any kinda of guitar; especially great pedal steel there.

Longtime readers know that the more I like something the harder it is for me to write about, so that is about it. This is a fantastic album, something I’d recommend to anyone, even people who’d normally wrinkle their noses at the idea of country music. You should get this.

Spirit of 73 is available on CD from in a special package made from certified recycled material. Digital downloads are coming soon.

– Jayson

  1. Couldn’t agree more, especially on the temptation to employ over-the-top superlatives. I had heard a few of Laura’s songs in the past, but I wasn’t fully prepared for the impact this record would have on me. The magnificent, gutsy voice, the lyrical depth, the way every song flows so beautifully and seamlessly – the sum total is simply astonishing.

  2. Mike Dixon said:

    Though I’m not a country fan I am now a fan of Harmondale. I was pleasantly surprised by her beautiful voice and the music kept me smiling. I was blown away at the quality of the talent evident in this album. Props Harmondale!

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