Review: Vesperian Sorrow: Stormwinds of Ages

Vesperian Sorrow Stormwinds of Ages cover

I don’t know what anyone is talking about ever, it’s almost becoming my thing. So when I got the promo for Stormwinds of Ages describing Vesperian Sorrow as “symphonic dark metal” I didn’t get what that was, I couldn’t really imagine the sound. So having listened to it, I’m going to┬áre-categorize Vesperian Sorrow as death metal with keyboards. While I will totally admit that’s not as good as symphonic dark metal, now you have a much more clear idea what it sounds like, right? Also, these guys sound perfect. That is actually a thing. From the core five band members to the roster of guest artists, Stormwinds of Ages is a perfect sounding album. One of the things I like most about Vesperian Sorrow is the restraint. I know that’s not a word you associate with metal, but these guys while killing it track after track also manage to integrate the symphonic elements into their sound in a way where they’re a core part of the sound, something that a lot of bands fail to do. It’s also telling that the technicality of the musicians never gets in the way. Everyone in Vesperian Sorrow sounds like an expert, but the songs never edge out into prog-tech-death “doing this for the sake of doing it” territory. Dudes are playing songs, which is a thing I have come to appreciate more lately.

Stormwinds of Ages will be out on April 24 on The Path Less Traveled Records, until then you can listen to some tracks on the Vesperian Sorrow site.

– Jayson

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