Review: Michal Menert – Even If It Isn’t Right

Even if it isnt right

This is a pretty simple one. Michal Menert’s Even If It Isn’t Right is out on Pretty Lights‘ newish label. It sounds a lot like Pretty Lights. It is samples and funkiness and electronics and a touch of glitch. Pretty Lights is one of the groups defining the trip-hop/acid jazz/whatever-we’re-calling-it-this-year sound, and this release says “yes, I agree with you, this is the sound” and delivers more of it. There is maybe a bit more big-beat sensibility, sort of like the 1320 Records kind of thing. It is head-nodding to the max. But you know what I am going to say is really notable about this?

It is 1 hour and 41 minutes of good music.

I mean most mixtapes these days are only 30 minutes or so, and this dude drops 27 tracks of aforementioned head-nodding goods, keeps the quality level high across those, and puts them together into an album of seamless transitions and tight flow.  And it is free to download.


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