Review: Eamon McGrath – Young Canadians

 Eamon McGrath - Young Canadians album cover

If you didn’t check out yesterday’s review, let me break it down for you. After a long run establishing our bona fides as the ‘whatever’ guy, like jason is the indie-folk guy, and I’m the post-rock guy, we’ve kinda hit a point. I think it’s worse for me that jason, I just don’t have anything to say about anything anymore because it all sounds the same. We’re not ready to throw in the towel yet though, so we’re tradin’ genres this week.

When I was younger, a pal of mine told me I should get over myself and listen to some Springsteen, he threw out some album names. The gist of which being that if you weren’t listening to Born In The USA, The Boss was privy to some Essential Truths about life, and you can could be too, if you just took the time to listen to Darkness on the Edge of Town.

I bring all this up, because this is what Young Canadians makes me think of. Eamon McGrath sounds like he’s worn out but not ready to quit either. Like if you listen long enough, some of those Essential Truths will seep through into your subconscious. McGrath is playing a kind of dirty, guitar rock with a country and western sensibility that reminds me of some of the best 90s alternative bands, but would be equally at home in your average roadside bar. I feel like I hear the Canadian prairie in the depths of his voice. Dude also does sound a biscuit like The Boss too, when he wants to. Hard to believe he’s only 23. Damn good stuff, man.

Pick it up here. 

– Jayson

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  1. Could be a fan said:

    This really is a fantastic recording. I will be looking for big things from this guy in the future. The variety of styles and music on this album make for a interesting listen.

    5 stars for me.

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