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You may remember my previous review of Boston blog I Heart Noise’s Gone In 60 Seconds compilation. What we have with the Uncut is a much smaller selection of tracks (8) that we can hear in their entirety. Where for me the original compilation had it’s hits and misses it was interesting and I felt a solid exposure to a lot of music. Uncut is 100% hits though. I loved each of these songs and everything is going down in the books as something to check out my thoroughly on my own in the future.

Uncut is less on the experiential side. These eight tracks feel like they represent a more “concrete” approach to music. Nothing that really makes me pause and evaluate, just serious listening pleasure. Granted it’s not like you’re listening to the Beach Boys or the Ramones, but a more solid approach to composition underpins the selections. What Uncut shows me is the validity of what I consider one of the essential qualities of blogging; the curatorial nature of it all. It’s that instructed quality of the interested individual taking the time to put together something they consider worthy of putting out there for others to check out. Here is some good stuff, check it out. That’s why we do this, that’s why I like being involved with blogging and musicians. The basic promotion of good music. Bravo.

Download at the I Heart Noise bandcamp.

– Jayson

I Heart Noise asked me to write a review of the new comp here and so I am. The theme of this comp is every song is a minute long, past that there isn’t a unifying factor in the decisions made for what to include, perhaps outside of one person’s taste.

What you are getting for your download is a lot of music; 43 tracks counting the b-sides and edits. Listening to the whole thing in one sitting, you’ll go from pleasant to aggressive to outright weird. It works though. Taking that whole thing together is like listening to a good radio station for 43 minutes. You’ll smile, you rock out, you’ll say ‘what the hell is this?”

Because this is I Heart Noise, the whole thing skews toward the experimental and obviously, the noisy. That is just fine with me. I am on that wavelength. While there are a handful of tracks I didn’t dig, that is to be expected. I like comps like this, a great way to hear music you could go your whole life and never encounter.

Get it here.

– Jayson

I was busy with a lot of other things this week.

There’s a new Mackaper re-mix and video:

I missed the show in Pittsburgh, this is because I was busy with other things.

Someone on my Twitter feed posted a link to this gem, Publicists Lie. You should go read that if statements like “KORN is once again reinventing itself and doing something completely innovative, nine albums and two decades into its incredible career.” make you laugh as much as they make me laugh.

I am taking a Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing class this summer. I am using Hydra Head Records as my case study. They have really bad SEO.

Another thing from the Twitter stream. I Heart Noise posted a link to a free sampler from Hawk Moon Records. There is some great stuff here. I haven’t even listened to the whole thing but I am already really digging it. A lot of instrumental ambient, which is something we need more of.

I asked the GBC about the Kickstarter wax on their Facebook page in the ‘questions go here’ section. No answer yet.

In addition to being busy with other things, I am sick.

I got my Thou/City of Tower 12″. It is good, I didn’t expect otherwise though.

Taiga Records is putting out a t-shirt. Limited edition, either silkscreen with some embroidery or a discharge print. If someone wants to get me one, hook me up. Hell, if someone wants to talk about fabric printing techniques and embroidery, hit me up. I don’t have anyone around to talk shop with.

I’m not putting in <hr /> tags today. That’s how sick I feel.

Stay cool,