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Everyone, it’s over. It’s been over for a really long time. It’s time we accept it and move on.

I am going to waste energy writing about this now.

Metallica announced Orion Music And More Tuesday and were immediately greeted with outrage, scorn and derision. This (I think) is because Orion is basically a mainstream music fest (I don’t really think so, it’s kind of a mainstream alternative thing, it’s bands for confused 30somethings that mistake themselves for hip like I do sometimes) and it doesn’t include any metal bands except “false” metal groups Avenged Sevenfold and Liturgy. (Which again is like “!!!” to me because I remember about 2 years ago when Liturgy were ok and made a lot of best of lists.) This left me in a weird position and one I’m not very used to, I understood what was going on when no one else did. Let’s break it down:

Our starting facts:

  • Metallica have been hated by “real” metalheads since ’96’s Load. Arguably since The Black Album in ’91. By either metric they haven’t been credible or relevant to the trOO since well before people even used that term.
  • Metallica have taken pretty severe critical beatings but still manage to sell a ridiculous amount of music.
  • Despite the scorn, derision, ridicule and persistent claims that care is not given, there is an instant outrage whenever Metallica do a thing.

Our conclusions and suppositions:

  • Metallica have given up on their old fans. The people that have hated them since changing their musical direction have long since been replaced by fresh waves of people who like their new stuff. Couple these fans with those who are not particularly into anything since the day, but continue to by albums anyway out of a sense of allegiance to the band, or with some dim hope that “the next one will be good.”
  • People who are basically professional at metal do not have any friends that are not also professional at metal. They have no pals  that drive a trucks, work collections, are in medical billing or any field outside making and discussing heavy metal music professionally, aka normal people into relatively normal music. This is the reason they cannot comprehend the continued interest in and success of Metallica. There are tons and tons of people who think that Slayer is the absolute pinnacle of the heavy metal genre. A lot of them are actually ok, they’re just too busy with a job or kids to worry about what is thought in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • The concept of a festival that is not solely devoted to a singular type of music is incomprehensible to a heavy metal fan.
The big one though, is that the metal community wants Metallica to perform some act of contrition for abandoning them for greener mainstream pastures. I think this is both weird and funny. Not just because it’s never going to come, but because there is nothing they band could do to every “make it right” in the eyes of people that feel wronged; that and the fact that people even take this as seriously as they do. Thinking about it though, going back to any point since 91, what could Metallica have done?  Everyone needs to get past their relationship with Metallica. I know that breaking up is hard to do, but c’mon already… I honestly don’t have much of an interest in defending these guys but there is nothing about any of this for anyone to be angry or upset about.
– Jayson


You know, I hate to have judgement in the manner of many other bloggers. My basic reasoning is that I don’t want to confuse causality and correlation between your terrible taste and who you are as a person. That being said, if you are buying these limited edition statues of classic rockers, you probably do suck. If you are in a person’s dwelling and they have they have a statue of Dimebag Darrel; there is nothing to say and nothing to do but leave. The only product here that is acceptable, and then only under circumstances, is Freddy Mercury.

Dre is going to do a beat album with the theme of traveling in space around the planets. Saturn will require surround sound. Maybe it’ll come with a $25 off coupon for a Beats Audio product. I am stoked for this, kinda. I do not have the hardware to appreciate its fullness. I perceive the world through stereo.

I guess The Beatles stuff is not coming out on iTunes (presumably any digital format?) because Yoko doesn’t like something about something. This is kinda like the thing with Nirvana and whatever stuff Courtney is sitting on where despite the fact that there is basically ridiculous money to get made, everyone is goes insane because they want to make 100% of it themselves. The only thing anyone can do is just wait for people to die and their estates to move on stuff. By then we may not care. The problem for me is that there are just time limits on caring. In theory I still like both the Beatles and Nirvana, but in practice I hardly listen to them anymore.

I am kinda burned out on metal. It’s not that I don’t like it anymore or have stopped listening to it. It’s more like I’ve lost enthusiasm for doing anything but listening to it. I don’t want to read anyone’s opinions about it. I think this is partially because nothing really good is coming out for what looks like the whole rest of this year.

Chief are a good band. I just found out about them yesterday. Their album is out later this month.

I questioning my desire to go see shows, it’s an abstract thing. I might not see the point anymore.

I’ll be out of the office for most of the rest of today.

– Jayson