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WAKE - False


Super angry grindcore frosted with sludge. I am some in the ways of grind and this is the kind of album that just assaults your for solid 19 minutes, the whole running length. Just picture Hank Hill standing there, listening to this a bit and saying “Yep. That’s some good grindcore.” That’s my take on this.
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Pretty Lights
A Color Map of the Sun

If you are not familiar, Pretty Lights is Derek Vincent Smith, a DJ that creates glitch-soul-funk by sampling a lot of old, obscure soul records for his stuff. It’s super catchy, fun music and I’ve got three of his albums in monthly rotation. Pretty Lights is go-to when I’m on the stationary bike, driving or need a pick me up at work. For A Color Map of the Sun, instead of finding a bunch of old records, Mr. Smith got a bunch of musicians together to actually record live. He literally simulated an old soul label with the instruments, the mics, and the recording to create original vinyl records on which to base his new album. That is really, really cool but the end result is another Pretty Lights album. It’s not a slam, but if I didn’t know he had done all that, I’d have never known he did all that, know what I mean? Regardless, this album is full of hits. The CD packaging is bound like a book, which I dig a lot.
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Hush Arbors - 2 of Us Riding Nowhere - Front Cover

Hush Arbors
2 of Us Riding Nowhere

We got this album a really long time ago and I apologize for not getting to it. 2 of Us Riding Nowhere is one of those albums that I feel is more of a lowercase jason thing, but here I am digging it anyway. This is a guitar duo basement tape jam, two old friends laying down some jams. This album cold rocks that indie folk vibe, where the sounds song like traditionals but aren’t and are sung in that kind of raw, naive style. That might sound like a thing you’d possibly avoid, but the thing is, there is an undeniable warmth to this album that I could not help but be instantly into it.
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Even if it isnt right

This is a pretty simple one. Michal Menert’s Even If It Isn’t Right is out on Pretty Lights‘ newish label. It sounds a lot like Pretty Lights. It is samples and funkiness and electronics and a touch of glitch. Pretty Lights is one of the groups defining the trip-hop/acid jazz/whatever-we’re-calling-it-this-year sound, and this release says “yes, I agree with you, this is the sound” and delivers more of it. There is maybe a bit more big-beat sensibility, sort of like the 1320 Records kind of thing. It is head-nodding to the max. But you know what I am going to say is really notable about this?

It is 1 hour and 41 minutes of good music.

I mean most mixtapes these days are only 30 minutes or so, and this dude drops 27 tracks of aforementioned head-nodding goods, keeps the quality level high across those, and puts them together into an album of seamless transitions and tight flow.  And it is free to download.


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I am all about this right now.

Pretty Lights I only found out about this week. I was over on trying to get inspired and I just decided to click on yon album cover to check it out. I honestly thought it would be some kind of indie rock thing, but it’s not. It’s some instrumental soul-funk-glitch-hop. I am in love. This is really spiritually similar to the stuff DJ Shadow was doing in the day. Rather than write more, I am just going to put a track up here for you to fall in love with too:

Pretty Lights – I Can See It In Your Face

All their music is free to download on their site: You can make a donation, which I am going to do at some point because I like this so much. Pretty Lights are also a record label and they have stuff for sale. Major bonus points for making a Flash based site that is actually good.